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Rescue Balm


For very dry, itchy vulvar skin.


Rescue dry intimate skin with rich ingredients that protect from moisture loss and leave skin feeling soothed, comfortable, and nourished. Water-free and concentrated with clean, 92% naturally-derived actives, Rescue Balm locks in moisture to relieve and protect dry, itchy, dermatitis or eczema-prone skin.

  • Estrogen-free & pregnancy-safe
  • Safety tested on vulvas by gynecologists
  • Approved by unbiased gynecologists & dermatologists

Proven Results

  • 94% agreed that this balm was soothing
  • 94% agreed that this balm softened & hydrated the skin
  • 94% agreed that this balm improved the skin barrier
  • 8 out 10 would recommend this balm for redness, itching & dryness

*From a 30-day gynecological study conducted on vulvas of women aged 19-65

Planet-Friendly Packaging

  • Carton made with 100% recycled/reclaimed paper that's naturally biodegradable
  • Printed with vegetable-based inks
  • Cap made with 100% reclaimed/recycled plastic & is recycle ready


  • HOW: To avoid contamination, apply with (very) clean fingertips.

    WHERE: External sweet spots, including the vulva & anus.

    WHEN: Anytime you experience dryness and the itch or irritation that comes with it - during or after a yeast infection, after hair removal, throughout pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause, or in adjunct to prescription based medications such as HRT. Safe for daily and long-term use.

    SSL Tip: Rescue Balm is water-free (aka no preservatives needed), so apply after showering when skin is still wet to lock in even more moisture.

    Net wt: 2 oz. / 60 g

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