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Should I Get a Vajacial?

Should I Get a Vajacial?

If you didn’t know, there is such a thing as a facial for your vulva! Many spas and estheticians offer this treatment as yet another way to pamper your sweet spots.

What is a vajacial?

Offered by many waxing clinics and estheticians, a vajacial is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a facial for your sweet spots! Although the name sounds like it’s a treatment for your vagina, vajacials only involve external sweet spots. Typically, they focus on the areas where pubic hair grows - the mons, the bikini line, and the outer labia.

Who needs a vajacial?

Similar to a facial, a vajacial is really for anyone who wants it. It can also be beneficial if you’re experiencing particular issues like recurring ingrown hair or other side effects of regular hair removal and persistent dryness, a vajacial can help. You can get them as often as every few months or as needed!

What happens during a vajacial?

The process is super similar to a facial, and takes about an hour from start to finish. Here’s what to expect during a vajacial:


If needed, the pubic hair is first trimmed to prep the area for treatment.


A gentle cleanser is used to lift away impurities and buildup around the vulva. Light steam may be applied to the mons pubis and bikini line to help open pores and relax the skin.


Next, a mild chemical exfoliator like our best-selling Buff & Brighten is applied to remove dead skin cells and fade hyperpigmentation over time.


Depending on who is performing your vajacial, they may be able to remove ingrown hairs or deal with outbreaks like folliculitis. Local guidelines will dictate whether this type of extraction can be done by a licensed esthetician or if you’ll need to visit a dermatologist or gynecologist for help.


Depending on your skin’s needs, a mask is applied to help hydrate, purify, or brighten the skin. 

Easy DIY Vajacial

If you want to give yourself an at-home vajacial, SSL has the goodies to help make it happen! Start with Unscented Wash to cleanse the area, then use Buff & Brighten to exfoliate. Finish with Hydrate Ever After and voila! Vajacial complete.


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