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The New Sweet Story

Hi, We're SweetSpot Labs.

SweetSpot Labs grew out of respect for a woman’s beautiful, unique, and quirky chemistry. Our formulas are a reflection of who we are – a company driven by, and for women on the go. We set out to create a clean skin care line that was not only gentle on your sweet spot, but on everyone’s sweet spot. As it turns out, sulphates and harsh scents are universally harmful and unnecessary. Mission accomplished.

Like many women on the go, we used to hop in the shower and grab whatever was handy for cleansing. That created some, uh, problems down below. Then came our lightbulb moment: why were we using products that were too harsh for the most sensitive part of our bodies?

We're a woman-led company.

We understand what your sweet spot needs, because we’ve all got one. Like most things, the personal care products in your cupboards were probably created without any thought to womens’ unique needs. Rumor has it, sanitary napkins were originally created to dress wounds in World War 1. Nurses rock, so of course they found a better use for the pads.1

Powered by smart, empathetic women, SweetSpot Labs simplifies your routine with clean, safe products – specifically designed for your body's beautiful chemistry.

We use the finest, clean ingredients, but it’s what we leave out that’s important.

NO parabens, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates, MIT preservatives, proplyene glycol, soap or glycerin. NO worries!

Our bodies deserve products that were designed for them. We respect that, which is why we use safe, natural ingredients and skip harsh additives that disrupt your body chemistry. Did you know, most body washes are twice the recommended pH level. Twice! We sting just thinking about it. When we formulated our washes and wipes we joined forces with gynecologists on clinical studies to ensure that our products support your vagina’s magical natural balance. SweetSpot Lab’s lightly fragranced formulas are always gynecologist approved, pH balanced, cruelty free, and vagina friendly.

We put you, and your vagina first.

We’re not here to complicate your routine (promise). Our products can be used by the entire family, from head to toe—but we formulate with clean ingredients that are gentle enough for your most sensitive areas. The best part? A healthier choice for your sweet spot is a healthier choice for the rest of your body. Putting your vagina first just makes sense. And it feels pretty good, too.

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Made by Women, For Women. Naturally.

Made with natural ingredients. pH balanced. Gynecologist tested & recommended.

A selection of SweetSpot Labs wipes pouring out of a bag on a bright pink and green background.
We’ve got all of you covered.

SweetSpot Labs Body Care products are pH balanced and specially formulated for a woman’s unique body chemistry!

Only the good stuff, naturally.

At SweetSpot Labs, we are our own toughest critics. We formulate luxurious products, using select natural ingredients that gently cleanse, deodorize and pamper without irritation.

A selection of SweetSpot Labs wipes on a white background.
Never the bad stuff, obviously.

At SweetSpot Labs what we leave out is just as important as what we put in. You’ll never find irritating or sensitizing ingredients like glycerin, sulfates, alcohol, propylene glycol, parabens, MIT preservatives, phthalates, gluten, dairy or soy ingredients in our products.

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Safe for your sweet spot.

All SweetSpot Labs products are gynecologist safety tested and recommended. We test our products on sweet spots to ensure they are safe, non-irritating, and clinically proven to do no harm.


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