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Replenishing Serum

Daily Intimate Moisturizer

Replenish moisture daily for healthy, hydrated vulvar skin.


Whether soothing skin after shaving/waxing or nourishing intimate skin throughout (peri)menopause or pregnancy, Replenishing Serum is a must-have daily moisturizer for your sweet spots. Its powerful blend of 3 lipid-rich emollient oils (Squalene + Jojoba + Macadamia Seed) and Red Algae + Aloe Vera, Replenishing Serum leaves intimate skin feeling perfectly hydrated & refreshed.

  • 97% naturally derived
  • Estrogen-free & pregnancy safe
  • Safety tested on vulvas by gynecologists
  • Approved by unbiased gynecologists & dermatologists


    • Clinically Proven Safe & Effective

      • 0% intimate skin irritation*

      • 96% agreed Replenishing Serum left skin feeling soft, supple & hydrated**

      • 94% agreed it felt soothing**

      • 91% agreed it was moisturizing but not greasy**

      *Based on a dermatological examination of the vulva (labia minora, majora, vestibule/perineum) on 34 women aged 21 – 63 by a board-certified gynecologist

      **In a consumer panel of 34 women after 4 weeks of daily use on bikini line

      How to Use: Squeeze a dime-sized amount onto clean fingertips & apply directly to clean sweet spots. Wash hands after each use & repeat as often as needed.

      Net wt: 1.35 fl. oz. / 40 ml

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