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Meet Microbiome Balancing Spray

Meet Microbiome Balancing Spray

Odor is totally normal - regardless ofwhereit happens! Instead of masking intimate odor with harsh fragrance, new Microbiome Balancing Spray neutralizes odor-causing bacteria with powerful Pre-Odorants and supports a healthy microbiome with Prebiotics. Not only does this stop odor before it starts, it also helps to protect from bacterial & yeast imbalances that can lead to intimate breakouts, bumps, itch and irritation.

What Causes Odor “Down There?”

Except in the case of some infections, the vagina is not responsible for intimate odor. The root cause of body odor (whether it’s coming from your armpits, your vulva, your butt, or anywhere else) is the bacteria that naturally occur on your skin - aka the microbiome. When you sweat, these bacteria eat the salt, water, and fat in our sweat – the waste they produce is what smells. 

How Microbiome Balancing Spray Fights Odor

Typical deodorant for private parts relies on fragrance to cover up odor, but this is a short-lived solution and potentially harmful to health. Antiperspirants use heavy metals like aluminum to block sweat glands, cutting off the odor-causing bacteria’s food source. Popular natural deodorants use baking soda to neutralize pH and reduce odor – but this ingredient can be incredibly irritating to skin.

New Microbiome Balancing Spray works to stop odor before it starts by:

1. Balancing pH

When it comes to vulvovaginal health, a balanced pH is key. When your pH levels are out of whack, you are at increased risk for odor, itching, irritation, dryness, and even infection. Microbiome Balancing Spray is pH-optimized for a healthy vulvovaginal microbiome (4.4 - 5.4) to keep your sweet spots in their sweet spot.

2. Inhibiting Odor-Causing Bacteria

Unlike most feminine sprays or even deodorants “for private parts” that attempt to cover up odor with harsh fragrance, the ingredients in Microbiome Balancing Spray actually prevent odor before it starts. Prebiotics and Pre-Odorants work together to limit the growth and adhesion of specific bacteria & cutaneous yeast that can trigger odor, bumps, boils, itch & irritation, while supporting beneficial vulvovaginal microbiota.

Regular use of Microbiome Balancing Spray blocks bacteria from digesting fluids on your skin—like sweat, semen, blood, and urine—andprevents B.O. from happening in the first place, anywhere on your body!


Microbiome Balancing Feminine Spray

Pair with best-selling Microbiome Balancing Wash for twice the odor-fighting power and even better results!

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