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5 Ways to Use Our Intimate Spray

5 Ways to Use Our Intimate Spray

When you hear “intimate spray,” you might think of a deodorant for private parts. And new Microbiome Balancing Spray is that - but it’s also so much more! Our prebiotic and pH-balancing spray is great for any skin prone to bacterial and yeast imbalances. Here are our five favorite ways to use it.

1. On Your Sweet Spots

The ultimate deodorant for private parts, Microbiome Balancing Spray can be used directly on the vulva and/or butt to balance the microbiota and stop odor in its tracks. Rather than covering it up with heavy fragrance or harsh chemicals, our spray neutralizes odor at the source by preventing odor-causing bacteria from growing. Spray it on in the morning or as-needed throughout the day. Before yoga, after a run, or before a roll in the hay, Microbiome Balancing Spray easily fits in your purse or gym bag to refresh anytime, anywhere.

2. On Your Undies

Prefer a less direct approach? Spray onto your undies! Just be sure to patch test first.

3. Under Your Boobs

If you’re no stranger to breakouts under your boobs, Microbiome Balancing Spray is your new breast friend. When sweat gathers under your boobs or where your sports bra hits, bacteria and yeast are soon to follow. This overgrowth can lead to underboob rashes and chest acne. Unlike other chest acne treatments, this spray helps balance bacteria, yeast, and pH levels to help stop breakouts before they start. Plus it’s super refreshing! Simply spray under the girls every day.

4. For Your Buttne

Breakouts on your backside can be a real pain in the butt - literally. Despite its name, buttne is not the same as acne on your face. It’s usually folliculitis, which is an inflammation of the hair follicle caused by yeast or bacteria. Anyone can get it, but risk factors like shaving/waxing, constrictive clothing, and having thick or curly hair can make you more susceptible. Microbiome Balancing Spray helps inhibit bacteria and yeast overgrowth to keep skin healthy, balanced and breakout-free. 

5. For Your Bacne

What’s better than a bacne treatment? A bacne preventative. Use Microbiome Balancing Spray on your back to help prevent breakouts. Pair with Microbiome Balancing Wash as part of your daily shower routine to balance back acne-prone skin and break the breakout cycle.


Deodorant for Private Parts

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