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4 Best Products for Menopause

4 Best Products for Menopause

SweetSpot Labs is here to support intimate skin health at every age and life stage, including menopause. Estrogen loss can trigger some rather unwelcome skin concerns, and we’ve got solutions to help you feel great in your skin again! Here are our top picks for menopause.


1. Barrier Rescue Wash

The first rule of thumb for menopausal skin? Do no harm. SweetSpot Labs founder Shari Creed struggled with what she thought was a recurring yeast infection before realizing her body wash was causing external vaginal dryness and itching, which lead to the birth of SSL!

Menopausal skin is thinner and drier, which makes it more prone to skin conditions like contact dermatitis. Our newest sulfate-free wash, Barrier Rescue Wash, is not only gentle and non-irritating, but it’s rich in moisturizing ingredients like ceramides, colloidal oatmeal, and Saccharide Complex, clinically-proven to hydrate skin for up to 24 hours after just 1 shower. 


2. Rescue Balm

When estrogen levels drop during menopause, intimate skin moisture drops right along with it, leaving your sweet spots feeling drier than the Sahara Desert. This dryness can leave you with itching or even burning that keeps you up at night. Rescue Balm does exactly what it sounds like: rescues even the driest sweet spots with ingredients proven to protect and soothe skin. Because we formulate with clean ingredients and without known irritants or hormones, Rescue Balm can complement your prescription-based topical steroid, estrogen, or hormone treatments.


“I went through more than a half century on this earth with barely a care in the world when it came to my intimate areas. A few years after entering menopause, everything changed. [...]This balm works well in helping with burning and discomfort. [...] It makes life much more comfortable.”


3. Hydrate Ever After


If you need a little extra hydration from time to time, replenish vulvar moisture with Hydrate Ever After. Estrogen-free and formulated with bio-identical emollient oils, this lightweight serum is perfect for everyday use throughout pre-menopause, perimenopause and menopause.


4. Fragrance-Free Soothing Wipes

menopause bladder leakage

Another little-known symptom of menopause? Occasional bladder leakage. Our soothing wipes are great to have on hand for a quick clean-up anytime you need it without disrupting the delicate balance of vulvar skin. Plus, they’re great for a quick cool-down in the midst of a dreaded hot flash.


Gotta have a little fragrance? We get it! Our flushable wipes are also available in a lightly-scented Vanilla Blossom option that’s still sweet on intimate skin.

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