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4 Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

4 Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

It's always important to be mindful of what we put into and on our bodies, but it becomes even more important during pregnancy, when your growing baby can be exposed to your favorite skin and body care products. Certain common ingredients can be harmful to both the mother and the baby, so it's essential to avoid them whenever possible and opt for cleaner alternatives. Here are the top four ingredients to avoid during pregnancy.

1. Phthalates

These chemicals are commonly used in fragrance and can be found in a variety of personal care products, including body washes, lotions, and feminine hygiene products. As known endocrine disruptors, phthalates can interfere with the body’s hormones (known as the endocrine system), which can cause adverse effects on the reproductive system among others.

2. Sulfates

A common ingredient in cleansers, shampoos, and body washes, sulfates are used to create the familiar foamy lather we know and love. But sulfates also happen to be known irritants. They can trigger irritating skin conditions like contact dermatitis, itching, redness, and even burning/stinging. Look for products that are sulfate-free like our gentle washes that offer a rich, luxurious lather without the irritation.

3. Parabens

Parabens are preservatives used in many personal care and hygiene products to extend shelf life, but they can also mimic estrogen and disrupt hormonal balance. This can potentially harm both the mother and the baby.

4. Synthetic Fragrance

Synthetic fragrances can contain phthalates, and have been linked to allergic reactions, skin irritation, and other health concerns. If you can’t give up fragrance, look for gently fragranced alternatives like our scented washes that contain just 0.5% fragrance to smell great and stay sweet on skin.

Pregnancy-Safe Solutions

SweetSpot Labs offers a range of intimate skincare products that are safe, clean, and gentle, making them the perfect alternative for pregnant women. Our solutions are free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and in many cases, fragrance. Instead, we use naturally-derived ingredients and consciously clean biotech ingredients that respect and protect the health and balance of your sweet spots.

The number one new mom favorite? Hydrate Ever After. This daily moisturizer is specifically formulated for the vulva and is also great for soothing dry, itchy pregnant bellies. It’s made with clean, non-irritating, bio-identical emollient oils including Jojoba, Macadamia Seed, and Squalene. This formula delivers the perfect lubrication for perineal massage to help prevent tearing during childbirth.

Another great option is Microbiome Balancing Intimate & Body Wash. This gentle wash balances the body's natural pH balance and is free from harsh ingredients. It is fragrance-free and formulated with prebiotics and lactic acid to promote a healthy vaginal microbiome, which is especially important during pregnancy.


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