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Do Body Scrubs Make Bumps Worse?

Do Body Scrubs Make Bumps Worse?

In the pursuit of smoother, brighter skin, your first instinct may be to reach for exfoliating scrubs and body polish. But what seems like the ideal solution might be the worst thing you could do for common concerns like breakouts, KP (keratosis pilaris), razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. Here’s why and what you can do instead.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Body Scrubs

  • Microtears and Irritation

Body scrubs often contain abrasive particles that are meant to exfoliate and smooth skin. The truth is, these abrasives can create microtears in the skin that not only contribute to inflammation but can also worsen existing skin conditions. This is especially true for sensitive areas, like the bikini line.

  • Disruption of the Skin Barrier

The skin has a protective barrier that shields it from external aggressors. Harsh scrubs can strip away this barrier, leaving the skin vulnerable to infections, irritation, and more bumps.

  • Aggravating Existing Conditions

While exfoliation is key to addressing conditions like KP, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs, they require a delicate touch. Harsh abrasives like those found in the average body scrub can aggravate these issues by causing more inflammation and leading to further blockages in hair follicles.

Buff & Brighten PHA Polishing Powder: A Smarter Solution

Best Body Scrub

The good news is, there is a way to target rough, bumpy skin without harsh abrasives. Meet Buff & Brighten PHA Polishing Powder, a water-activated body polish that exfoliates in a smarter way. Here’s how:

Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)

SweetSpot Labs' Buff & Brighten Powder uses the power of PHA to provide effective exfoliation without the need to scrub your skin within an inch of its life. This high-tech chemical exfoliant works by encouraging the natural shedding of dead skin cells, promoting a smoother and brighter complexion.


In addition to PHA, Buff & Brighten Powder is made with clinically-active levels of beloved exfoliants AHA and BHA (like the ones you know and love in our best-selling ingrown hair pads). That’s 3X the exfoliating power of the average body scrub with none of the drawbacks.

Skin Barrier Support

The key to treating and preventing conditions that cause bumps, like KP and “chicken skin,” is to have a healthy skin barrier. Most body scrubs only serve one purpose - exfoliation. Buff & Brighten Powder gently exfoliatesandmoisturizes to support skin barrier health. Formulated with our innovative Renewing Triplex (Niacinamide + Colloidal Oatmeal + Probiotics) it supports the skin barrier to protect sensitive skin and restore comfort over time. 

Water-Activated Formula

Unlike traditional body scrubs that can feel like rubbing tiny knives all over your skin, Buff & Brighten Powder is activated by water, ensuring a controlled and customizable exfoliation experience. This eliminates the risk of over-scrubbing, making it suitable for regular use without causing irritation.


Say goodbye to worries about microtears and irritation. Buff & Brighten Powder works gently to reveal your skin's natural glow, without the harsh side effects of conventional body scrubs.

Safe for All Skin 

Buff & Brighten is crafted with care to be safe for all skin, even the most intimate and sensitive. That means you can use it wherever you need it - bikini area, butt, legs, arms, back, underarms -  without compromising skin health.


How to Use Buff & Brighten PHA Powder

1. Prep with AHA/BHA Exfoliating Pads:

For optimal results, start by prepping your skin with Buff & Brighten AHA/BHA Exfoliating Pads. These pads help loosen surface debris, making the Buff & Brighten PHA Polishing Powder more effective.

2. Water Activation:

Dispense a small amount of the powder onto wet hands, and gently massage onto rough, bumpy skin anywhere you’ve got it. For even more foaming action, mix the powder into your favorite SweetSpot Labs Intimate & Body Cleanser!

3. Rinse and Hydrate:

Thoroughly rinse your skin after application and follow up with a non-comedogenic moisturizer like Hydrate Ever After. This final step ensures that your skin remains nourished and hydrated post-exfoliation.

It’s time to ditch the old-school scrubs that rub your skin raw. SweetSpot Labs’ Buff & Brighten PHA Polishing Powder offers a gentler approach with effective exfoliants and skin barrier support, meaning you're not just targeting rough, bumpy skin – you're protecting your skin health long-term. It's time for your skin to shine (or should we say glow) with the care it truly deserves!

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