3 Step Bikini Grooming Guide

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Grooming “down there” can be a daunting task if it’s not done right. Here is the ultimate guide to grooming your sweet spot.


Before you even consider touching a razor, it’s important to adequately prepare the area to avoid discomfort. Clean or exfoliate using products formulated without harsh chemicals or sulfates. Use a warm towel to soften skin and our natural, pH balanced SweetSpot Lab’s Gentle Wash to cleanse and soothe the delicate area before shaving. This will be your best defence against post-shaving razor burn, and the same can help avoid irritation and pain during your waxing appointment. The formula also contains panthenol and emollient oils of apricot kernel & sunflower that soften skin and hair making it easier to groom.


Once your sweet spot is prepped for your waxing appointment, you may want to take ibuprofen to help minimize discomfort and inflammation, especially if you have a low threshold for pain. Avoid razors with numerous blades to help prevent ingrown hair, and grab a moisturizing shaving cream or soap that won’t be harsh on your skin.


You’ve had a successful grooming experience, you’re ready to hit the beach, right? Wrong!
Post grooming care is important to keep the area free of infections, and help minimize redness and bumps. It’s best to cleanse with a lotion or wipe that is free of glycerin, which can cause dryness and irritation. SweetSpot Labs On-The-Go Wipes and Wipettes are refreshing, gynecologist recommended, pH balanced, glycerine-free and safe to use all over. With crisp, clean, summer scents of Grapefruit Verbena, Vanilla blossom, and Neroli Mandarin—these wipes are a must for your post-wax routine.

Bikini Gentle Wash Grooming On-The-Go Wipes

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