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The Sweet Story

Our story started 12 years ago in the top spas in North America where estheticians discovered a need for gentle, natural, feminine hygiene products pre & post bikini wax. There wasn’t anything on the market that was currently filling the void and before long, SweetSpot Labs was born.

Today’s woman is always on the go. From chemistry class to gym class, yoga to an early morning board meeting, life seems to be getting busier and busier. But women are the doers. The makers. The helpers. The dreamers. We make things happen because we’re strong and capable and kind of awesome. And that’s exactly what the women of SweetSpot Labs did. We knew every woman needed to experience the luxurious freshness and unmistakable convenience of SweetSpot and we made it our mission to simplify a woman’s cleansing rituals by creating the leading, natural feminine skincare products on the market today. Yay women!

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Made by Women, For Women. Naturally.

Gynecologist tested &recommended. pH Balanced. Made with natural ingredients.

Did you Know?

Most soaps and body washes can upset a woman’s healthy chemistry. They are heavily fragranced and have twice the recommended pH level for your skin, which can throw off your delicate balance.

SweetSpot products are formulated to be pH balanced without harsh detergents called sulfates or glycerin — a sugar-based ingredient (yikes!).

SweetSpot washes use gentle coconut-based cleansers and a combination of natural oils including apricot and sunflower to give a safer cleansing experience, naturally. The feminine wipes are ultra-soft, made without alcohol and are clinically proven to be safe and gentle. As if that weren’t enough, SweetSpot Labs conducts gynecologist-run clinical studies to test our products for safety — everywhere!

At SweetSpot Labs, we believe in...

  • An innate chicness in freshness, and that when it comes to really taking care of your body, the little things mean a lot.
  • Balance, and keeping our products pH balanced for a woman’s natural chemistry.
  • Beautiful natural ingredients, saying nope to soap and goodbye to glycerin.
  • Leaving out harmful ingredients like sulfates, alcohol, parabens and phthalates.
  • Keeping it simple and products that do double duty.
  • Caring for your sweet spot in a natural, luxurious way.

At SweetSpot Labs we’ve got ALL OF YOU covered, and we think that’s pretty sweet!


Glycerin, sulfates, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, dairy & soy.

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