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Microbiome Balancing Spray


Balance vulvovaginal microbiota to help prevent odor, bumps, itch & irritation.


Odor is totally normal - regardless of where it happens! Instead of masking intimate odor with harsh fragrance, Microbiome Balancing Spray neutralizes odor-causing bacteria with powerful Pre-Odorants and supports a healthy microbiota with Prebiotics. Not only does this stop odor before it starts, it also helps to protect from bacterial & yeast imbalances that can lead to intimate breakouts, bumps, itch and irritation.

  • Hydrating mist is non-sticky & quick-drying
  • pH optimized to bacteria-prone vulvar skin (4.3 - 4.8)
  • Tested & recommended by unbiased gynecologists


    • Clinically Proven:

      85% said it eliminated intimate & body odor*

      0% intimate skin irritation

      *In a consumer panel of 25 women after 4 weeks of daily use on the vulva

      How to Use:

      Hold upright and spray directly onto skin. Use daily and reapply as needed. Great before or after a workout, after sex, during your period or anytime you need to refresh on-the-go.

      Net wt: 50 mL / 1.69 fl. oz.

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