About SweetSpot Labs

We empower women to take health into their own hands through clean intimate care, intentional ingredients and honest conversations—encouraging confidence at every age and life stage.

For Every Last Bit of You

Your sweet spot is sacred—it’s where pleasure lives and life begins. We’ve made it our business to create clinically-proven products that cater to this delicate area and support your overall wellness. SweetSpot Labs is rooted in fearlessness and built on innovation. From eco-friendly packaging to clean ingredients that actually work, we’ll never stop searching for new ways to keep you (and the planet) healthier than ever.

Bold Beginnings

Shari Creed launched SweetSpot in 2003, at a time when conversations around lady bits were nearly nonexistent. She’d spent years creating feminine care for a male-dominated, multinational consumer products company. After receiving one too many “no’s” from male execs, she decided her ideas were far too valuable to get tossed aside. And so, SweetSpot was born. As with any birth, it was messy, painful and difficult—Shari was rejected again and again by retailers, publications, and industry leaders. But her enthusiasm held strong. SweetSpot hit spas that same year, bringing balance to sweet spots everywhere. Today, Shari continues to inspire and innovate—leading the charge for SweetSpot’s eco-friendly wipes, body exfoliation pads and more. We honor her bold spirit with vibrant products that empower women through self-care.

What We Stand For


From formulations to packaging, we don’t cut corners—we test first, and tout later. In turn, we encourage women to learn more about their bodies and to be choosy about personal care.


We believe that trust and transparency are vital to any business, but especially those in the wellness space. You deserve the truth about what you’re putting on your body—and we’ll give it to you.


We’re not always right, but we make every effort to do the right thing. We care about our brand’s impact on you and the planet, so we hold ourselves to sky-high standards.


Our legacy is rooted in fearlessness, knocking down walls, and going against the grain. We’re here to encourage women to own their health and to live life on their own terms.