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Hydrate Ever After

Daily Vulva Serum

Replenish moisture daily for healthy, hydrated vulvar skin.


Hydrate Ever After deeply replenishes natural moisture with clean, non-irritating, bio-identical emollient oils including Jojoba, Macadamia Seed, and Squalene, plus a super-effective concentration of Micro-Hyaluronic Acid for all-day comfort. 

Between being trapped in tight undies all day and only seeing the light of day for a wax or annual exam, your intimate skin goes through it. Treat your vulva as good as (or better than) your face with prestige skincare ingredients every day. Layer it on as needed to help protect from sports-related chafing, soothe skin after shaving, waxing, after a vulvar/vaginal yeast infection, or during low-estrogen cycles that can weaken the skin barrier like menstruation, pregnancy, post-partum, breastfeeding & menopause. 

• 100% naturally-derived

• pH-balanced to vulvar skin

• Safety tested on actual vulvas by gynecologists

• Approved by gynecologists & dermatologists

• Pregnancy-safe 

Proven Results

  • 94% agreed that this serum left skin feeling soft, supple & hydrated
  • 91% agreed that this serum provided the perfect amount of moisturization
  • 91% agreed that this serum felt soothing
  • 8 out of 10 agreed that this serum maintained healthy intimate skin

*From a 30-day gynecological study conducted on vulvas of women aged 21-63

Planet-Friendly Packaging

  • Carton made with 100% recycled/reclaimed paper that's naturally biodegradable
  • Printed with vegetable-based inks
  • Tube made with partially recycled/reused plastics


    • HOW: Dispense onto clean fingertips & apply.

      WHERE: Any external sweet spots.

      WHEN: Anytime you need a boost of moisture!

      SSL Tip: Hydrate Ever After is a must-have for expecting mamas. From prenatal perineal massage to cracking nipples and dry vulvar skin, this moisturizing serum helps ensure a more comfortable pregnancy journey.

      Net wt: 1.35 fl. oz. / 40 ml

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