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A Clean S-wipe | Prebiotic Deodorizing Serum

Cleanse, deodorize & balance the environmentally-kind way.


This intimate deodorizing serum eliminates impurities & irritants without stripping moisture. Gentle, non-irritating actives balance the delicate microbiome of your sweet spots while keeping wipes out of landfills & sewers - the sustainable way to cleanse on-the-go!

• 1 tube = 150 wipes

• 99% naturally-derived

• pH-balanced

• Safety tested on actual vulvas by gynecologists

• Approved by gynecologists & dermatologists


  • HOW: Pump onto clean fingertips or toilet paper, swipe & flush.

    WHERE: Any (external) intimate skin such as underarms, vulva, or groin.

    WHEN: Before/after a workout, before/after sex, or anytime you want to hit the refresh button on your sweet spots.

    SSL Tip: Remember that sustainability is about progress, not perfection - every small action you take has an impact!

    Net wt: 1.35 fl. oz. / 40 ml

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