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I first discovered SweetSpot Labs Gentle Washes and Wipes at Spirit Spa in Halifax, Nova Scotia over a decade ago, (Spirit is my favourite spa – and if you are ever in Halifax it’s a must! The customer service is world class – as are the treatments & services). I digress….

When I first spotted Sweet Spot Labs I was intrigued. It frankly hadn’t occurred to me to use washes and wipes that were uniquely formulated with my sweet spot in mind. I was a bit sheepish about putting them in my basket and carrying them to the cash register – but I really wanted to try them. I was immediately hooked! The experience was luxurious, the scents were divine, and (sample size of one), I seemed to suffer fewer irritations. My mother had the same experience – and as someone who had never used a feminine personal care product in her then 64 years – she also became hooked (so…sample size of 2!)

That was 10 years ago, and I, (and most of we women), have a completely new attitude when it comes to feminine personal care.

Women are more educated about the effects of personal care products on our unique chemistry. We are demanding natural products – and products that purposefully omit ingredients that can disrupt our precious hormonal balance, offend our flora and generally don’t respect our womanhood!

It makes 100% sense to me to use a product that is pH balanced. But that isn’t a new idea. What is new is the way in which Sweet Spot Labs balances pH….we do it naturally, (versus adding citric acid to the product to artificially balance the pH, like…eh-hem, some brands do). . Our cleansers use coconut based surfactants that have the right pH profile for our sweet spots, (x%), and are sulfate and soap free. Soap and sulfates range from a pH of 8 – 10 pH, which can play havoc with a woman’s natural pH.

But we go further. Our brilliant founder, Shari Creed, tipped us off to an ingredient that she wanted to remove from Sweet Spot Labs. Glycerin. Who knew? Glycerin is actually a fantastic humectant that is used in a lot of skincare products….but it’s sugar derived….and we all know that sugar can be an enemy to the sweet spot. (How many of you have avoided sugar like the plague when you have a yeast infection…..yup)! We noticed that a few natural condom companies were removing glycerin – so while there is no quantitative evidence that glycerin exposure topically can create gynaecological issues – we decided we wouldn’t wait for scientific research to catch up. If glycerin was suspect, it was out! So, we are now the first glycerin free feminine personal care product! We love being first, by the way.

And finally, most shower gels have a high percentage of fragrance that has the potential to irritate our sweet spots, (even the run off from shower gels used elsewhere can be problematic). Sweet Spot Labs is careful to use just enough safe and non-irritating scent to tantalize our senses with every shower – but we make sure not to overdo it. And soon we’ll launch our new “un-scented” for those women who prefer their own beautiful scent alone.

Enough about what we leave out – what is equally delicious is what we put in! SweetSpot Labs blends its ultra gentle coconut based cleansers with a combination of natural emollient oils including coconut, apricot and sunflower, for the ultimate cleansing and moisturizing experience. Our Gentle Washes leave your whole body clean, soft and divine.

So many things make SweetSpot Labs special – not least of which is our commitment to clinical efficacy and safety. Although we are a small company, we put all of our products through the rigor of clinical testing run by a gynaecologist to ensure that our products are safe and effective for your precious sweet spot. Not many companies our size go to this effort & expense. We pride ourselves on this commitment – and feel that our testing is crucial to providing you the best product we can.

I love working with our team of 40 women to formulate these natural washes and wipes with a woman’s chemistry in mind. Our diverse, talented and fabulous team help to research, brainstorm, develop, try and create every product that we design. Who best to develop products for women – than women?! (I know this sounds obvious – but, believe it or not, many companies developing feminine products are primarily run by men!)

The fresh new scents of Grapefruit Verbena, Neroli Mandarin and Vanilla Blossom create a luxurious cleansing ritual, and our convenient on- the -go wipes are perfect for after the gym or before/after a bikini wax or gynaecological exam (that uber-critical annual event)!. At SweetSpot Labs, we believe there’s an innate chicness in freshness, and that when it comes to really taking care of your body, the little things mean a lot.

I am excited to be a part of this amazing brand. (I fell so in love with Sweet Spot Labs that I bought the company in 2014)! Our mission is to bring women luxurious, effective, awesome products that are developed with feminine intelligence.

Stay tuned for more exciting new personal care products (really awesome things coming soon!) and keep reading our blog for updates from our passionate team of women, and brainiac gynaecologist, Dr. Jessica Shepherd.

And please reach out to us if you have questions, comments, experiences to share or ideas for more amazing products for women! Nicole is on the line and would love to hear from you!



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