The Sweetspot Difference

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Yes we’re talking about that sweetspot! Your lady parts deserve the best, so treat your body like the precious cargo it is! The first fresh step? Toss those bar soaps and body washes in your shower, stat! Ever been itchy or dry down there and wondered why? Most traditional bar soaps and body washes are too harsh and can disrupt your sweet spot’s delicate balance and many contain Glycerin– a sugar based ingredient that yeast loves. As if that weren’t enough, most traditional bar soaps and body washes contain twice the recommended pH level which can throw off your natural chemistry. Nobody wants that!

We are a company of 40 women who make personal care washes and wipes that are designed with a woman’s chemistry in mind. Who knows women better than…. women?! And who better equipped to make products for women than….women? We’ve created a line of personal care body washes and wipes that are pH balanced, glycerin-free and gynecologist recommended for the sweet spot, but great for your whole, beautiful body.

SweetSpot Labs Gentle Washes – 97% natural, pH balanced, gynecologist recommended and free of  glycerin, sulfates, parabens phthalates, gluten, soy and dairy. What we put in? Coconut-based cleansers and skin softening emollient oils for that gentle and luxurious clean.

No time to shower? Feeling anything but fresh after a walk to work before the day has even started? No problem girl, we got you!  The SweetSpot Labs Wipes & On-the-Go Wipettes slip right in to your pocket, purse or gym bag to provide an instant refresh anywhere, anytime. These luxurious wipes are the ultimate on-the-go cleaning experience for wherever you may need a pick-me-up–underarms, the lower back, and even the sweet spot. They’ll keep you fresh and happy no matter what time of day or activity you have planned. These conveniently packaged, biodegradable and compostable wipes are clinically tested, gynecologist recommended, and infused with natural extracts like aloe, cucumber, and cranberry.  They cleanse gently yet effectively anywhere on the body. You’ll love the sweet, summery scents of crisp citrus Grapefruit Verbena, soft floral Vanilla Blossom, and luscious tropical Neroli Mandarin that are making women everywhere feel….simply awesome!

Gentle Wash On-The-Go Wipes

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