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Sweat Sesh Must-Haves

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With a busy schedule, some days (or more than some) we don’t even make it to the gym. When we do, it’s squeezed in between work and dinner with the girls or after a few alarm snoozes right before work. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, so fitting in a shower can sometimes feel impossible. Trust us though, you can get ready in no time by stocking your gym bag with some lady essentials from SweetSpot Labs.

The latest beauty must have that is as on-the-go as you are, SweetSpot Labs Unscented On-The-Go Wipes - the ultimate refresh and on-the-go cleaning experience. Did spin class leave you feeling less than fresh? Grab a wipe from your gym bag and swipe wherever you may need a pick-me-up – underarms, the lower back, nooks and crannies and even the sweet spot. It’s safe and gentle to use down there.

If you have a little more time to freshen up, toss the wash you’re currently using out, and try the new SweetSpot Labs Unscented Gentle Wash. Most cleansing products can be double the recommended pH level for a woman’s body, throwing off its natural chemistry, and are full of not-so-female-friendly ingredients like Glycerin – a sugar based ingredient that yeast loves, and can cause major irritation (no thanks!).

Don’t let doing everything, stop you from doing anything! Staying fresh has never been quicker or sweeter, check them out for yourself!

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