Frienduary. The top 5 reasons your girlfriends are good for you!

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In February we will hear endlessly about romantic relationships. Well at SweetSpot Labs we think your girlfriends are pretty important too. We want to celebrate why female relationships are not only important, but good for you!

From the time we are very little, making friends has a huge impact on who we are and what we learn. We learn to socialize, share our toys and be kind to others. When we are older, friends are there to share in our milestones and be a source of comfort when we go through tough times. For most of us, we couldn’t imagine our lives without our closest girlfriends. They are family we get to choose and keep in our lives… and what’s better than that? Here are the top 5 reasons we think gal pal friendships are the best.

1. Stress Relief: We have all had bad days, your car didn’t start this morning, you had an awful day at work and you just realized you locked yourself out of your apartment. Let’s face it… you need to vent. Off loading or talking about your stressors to a girlfriend can help relieve stress and anxiety and we could all use a lot less of both!

2. Confidence Boosting: Having a day where you just don’t feel your best? Is your self-esteem a little bruised from that lecture your boss gave you? Confidence boosting and compassion from our girlfriends is so important in our lives. Talking to a trusted friend when you’re feeling down can turn an otherwise awful day into one that’s bearable.

3. Develop Your Social Skills: Whether you’re an introvert who loves staying at home and you cringe at the idea of having to meet new people, friends can definitely push you out of your comfort zone, and that’s not a bad thing! Meeting new people not only leads to new opportunities in life, it can broaden your way of thinking, help you communicate, create lasting memories and produce new and lasting friendships.

4. Love & Loyalty: Regardless of whether you are celebrating a milestone in your life or suffering a tragic loss, the love and loyalty we receive from our friends is crucial to our mental well being. Having gal pals around teaches us how to love unconditionally, remain loyal and help us be more compassionate. We learn the importance of trust and about being selfless – two qualities we think every girl deserves.

5. Feeling Connected and Learning New Things: A little set in your ways? Do you follow the same routine everyday and refuse to try new things? Come on girl, live a little! Set some girlfriend goals in 2019 to try new things or book a last minute adventure somewhere amazing. Staying in touch with your friends and investing in relationships that matter is a great way to feel connected to each other and helps provide balance!

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