5 Vagina Myths We Need to Stop Believing

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Oh, the mystical vagina!! It’s not really, but it would seem so considering how many myths have been manifested about the illustrious V over the years. Some myths have been around for centuries, including one about vaginas with teeth! We face myths about the benefits of steam cleaning your lady parts and putting vaginal jade eggs up there. No thanks! While many of these can be laughed at, some need to be debunked because they seem normal and believable but could potentially have damaging health consequences. Here are 5 everyday V myths you need to stop believing today so you can achieve your ultimate V wellness.

Myth 1: Removing your pubic hair will keep your vagina cleaner and is more hygienic

Currently, there is no data to support this myth! In fact, many gynecologists agree that removing all of your pubic hair can actually cause more chaos than calm. Shaving and waxing can potentially lead to more skin infection and irritation. So while you may dare to go bare, it might be time to embrace your big bush energy.

Myth 2: Douches maintain the pH of your vagina

As we’re sure you’ve heard by now, the vagina is self-cleaning… therefore douching is completely unnecessary! That being said the outside of your vagina (the vulva including your labia) does need to be cleaned with a gentle pH balanced cleanser. If feminine odor is causing you to think about douching, think again! Douches can push existing bacteria back into the cervix, causing infections, messing up your natural pH and could make things smellier. We suggest talking to your Doc or Gyne if odor is a cause for concern as it could be something more serious.

Myth 3: Bacterial Vaginosis only affects sexually active women

It is true that women who are sexually active have a higher risk of developing BV, especially when having intercourse with a new partner, but anyone can get it if the pH of your vagina is compromised. Overcleaning, vaginal deodorants and douching can all have an effect on developing BV not just those getting busy.

Myth 4: Only women over 50 will experience menopause

Menopause in women under 50 is actually more common than you think. Sure, the majority of women are in their early 50’s when they reach menopause but about 1 in 100 women experience menopause symptoms before the age of 40! Perimenopause is when the symptoms of menopause arrive before your period stops and you begin menopause. You can still be fertile, however, estrogen levels will drop. Symptoms can include hot flashes and night sweats, insomnia, low libido, lack of energy, vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex. Talk to your Dr. if you are experiencing any of these signs so you stay in the know about your body. 

Myth 5: Brown discharge or spotting means you’re pregnant

This is a little tricky because brown discharge before your period may be an early sign of pregnancy caused by implantation bleeding that can happen when a fertilized egg goes into the uterus lining. However, brown discharge near the beginning or end of your period is completely normal and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. It’s often your body ridding itself of blood that is older and cleaning out your uterus to prepare for your next cycle.


Having questions about your body is completely normal, and you should never be ashamed to ask a doctor or your Gynecologist if you are concerned about any irregularities your body is facing. If you have any myths you want us to debunk, let us know at hello@sweetspotlabs.com

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